Thursday, October 25, 2012

Advantages of Online Education

Online education is defined as learning, training, degree program or credit-granting course, which is mainly delivered via the Internet or an Intranet. It is a method of redefining the method of study where people can educate themselves without boundaries of timing, attendance and travel difficulties. In online courses, the students and teachers can meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, labs and exams. Overall, online education gives more emphasis on global interaction and the concept of latest knowledge expansion.

Advantages of Online Education

For online education, one needs a standard personal computer with an Internet connection. Many people with family and job responsibilities don't have time to attend the regular classroom studies and find online education beneficial. Online education includes many online courses and online degrees. Let's discuss some of the advantages of online education.

People can opt for many online courses, in universities where the facility of online education is available. It is very helpful for students residing in remote places. One can study any course of his/her own choice offered by universities around the world, without the physical presence for that course. There is no need for relocation and hence, is cost saving.

Physically handicapped students can go for higher studies without worrying about traveling or being physically present for studies. Also, one can continue education at any stage and update himself with the latest knowledge through online education.

At present, many of the online universities are accredited by recognized educational bodies. Hence, the degrees offered by these universities are accepted all over the world and one can enroll in a top university within the comfort of home.

If somebody is looking for additional training for a better career prospect or promotion, then online education is the best option. It is the most convenient and flexible way of learning and updating one's knowledge without disturbing the current job.

People can study at their own pace without any strict regulations; there are no class schedule and fixed timings and assignments. Only the quality of work is evaluated, not the speed or the appearance of the student. Even, people can interact online and discuss with the students, scholars, researchers, subject-matter experts and professors for any type of query or problems.

Another advantage of online education is that all the learning and training materials of the online course are archived. One can retrieve and use it anytime via mail or from the school's website. If somebody has a doubt, he/she can communicate with the college or university through e-mail.

In addition to the above advantages, there are some disadvantages of online education. Student assessment and feedback is limited as compared to the traditional classroom programs. There may be problems about the validity of the degree assigned after completion of the course. In this case, one has to produce certain proofs such as copies of the course assignments and syllabi and most importantly, proof of the college or university's accreditation. Since, most of the interaction of the teacher and student takes place via mail, sometimes, there may be chances that the student misses the instructor's advice. Another disadvantage is non-availability of the course of study. Also, one should take care while choosing the online universities, as certain universities are better than the others.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani